Leah Viker

Wife, Mother, Daughter, Sister, Aunt, Cousin, Friend and as sure as the sun is burning bright, even while you do not see its light, this girl was made of all […]

Aunt Gayle

My aunt Gayle is also my Godmother, after having received faith and been baptized in my 40’s.  My husband and I both got baptized with my little girls. We asked the […]

Dear Lord, 18 yrs without a drink or a drug is nothing short of a miracle and the grace of God.  Thank You God for giving me the willingness and perseverance […]


Today is Father’s Day and I can’t imagine the fortune of having this man in my house to celebrate. Of my husband, what I have always said, “There isn’t a […]

Charlie just turned 1 year old last month. He has been an enormous handful and 100% puppy from day one, no naps. But yes, finally, he is starting to settle […]

June 21st, 1980 – Russell Ernest Forster died of cancer in our living room atop the hospital bed that became our living room set for the last many months of […]

I am going to get a biography of James Madison – hopefully by David McCullough or someone comparable to begin to get some sort of baseline for where my thoughts […]

I have been wandering for so many months now, wondering if there is a reason, leaving behind all familiar faces and regular comfort. Then the seams start to split and […]