Mama “Mea”, hear her roar!

My 80 year old mother intervened with a loud and threatening voice in a terrible domestic violence scene she witnessed in the streets of her town – a young man beating heavily on a girl she was later told was his girlfriend. Now I am not trying to say too much more than this here, but THAT is an incredible voice still in this world and I just want to take a moment and acknowledge the examples of brave voices calling to what it right at total risk to self. She is not able to physically get up and run or even walk too terribly fast, so she said she used her voice and screamed at him all sorts of very Viking-like words and said she was calling the police (even though she did not have a phone – she said she bluffed as it was all she had to throw at him, aside from a few choice words) then the police showed up and took the man away. So, while sharing our #metoo¬†stories are so important, let us not forget using those same voices to speak up when it is put in our path. There are different ways to approach this that may not involve such great potential for personal harm, quietly calling the police, looking for back up to assist, etc……and certainly I am not advocating anyone to run toward an assault or possibly get shot, but to absolutely do nothing is certainly a part of the culture that allows this sort of thing to be considered “someone else’s own business”. So again, not sure I am recommending following my Mom’s footsteps, she is made of something unusual and I wipe the sweat off my forehead thinking about how badly that could have gone for her, but I am saying “Wow Mom – you absolutely never cease to amaze me. Always you have been the champion for the weak and I am humbled in the shadow of your character”.

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