Rejoice and be glad in it

Today I will have been married for 10 years to the only man with whom I could ever imagine spending a lifetime. It was an afternoon wedding in Fountain Hills, AZ at a breathtaking old ranch in the desert hills. This is scorpion country, hot to the bone, except on this particular day it was so cold that it eventually broke history records by snowing. Yep. Snowing in the desert, which is just a little too poetically similar to Hell freezing over, which is about the exact conditions which I and many others felt necessary before a girl like me ever got married.

The wind blew bitterly cold across the ranch and my flowers on each table were decimated in their fragile tissues. My stoic guests shivered and smiled and took their seats in this beautiful AZ outdoor wedding. The always beautiful and peace bearing Reverend Liz Simmons officiated and my dear friend JC ran the string quartet and really the entire rhythm of the whole darn production. My family and friends gathered, my Mom looked sweeter than a childhood picture and everywhere was grace amidst the storm. My maid of honor never flinched, steadying me with smiles and sure footedness and my dear Brotherman gave me away.

As soon as my foot hit the isle the wind stilled its vengeance and I floated to my place in front of my groom. The clouds parted and sunbeam shone down and warmed our faces and blinded our gaze to an intensity that now shows up in these close up photos of these very minutes. Everything stopped and beauty prevailed and we were married. And not a day goes by that I don’t think it was the best thing I’ve ever done and the hardest thing I’ve ever attempted in my life. In these 10 very short years I have learned a new depth of humility and mercy and grace that all the years before could have never come close to giving me. I thank God for giving me His own hand to reach for, sometimes cling to, throughout this beautiful love story. A story complete with real life struggles and miraculous victory. I love my husband more today than I ever thought I was capable. He is a good man and growing older with someone has been immeasurable Joy and richness and satisfaction.

Today is also the birthday of my firstborn child who we were blessed to have healthy and fat and happy on our 1 year Anniversary. I’m not sure what those Hallmark books say about what you are supposed to get for your 1 year Anniversary, but I think an actual baby is pretty amazing and hard to top. She is by far one of the greatest people I’ve ever met. Both her and her sister have driven me to fight for my very best and surrender my very worst, to give them all of me, all I can.

I know I sure don’t deserve the good life I have today, but luckily life is not fair. I really don’t know what will come of this little writing place, but I suppose I will see if I just keep going. It wasn’t my idea you know. I have a friend Leland who had this harebrained idea that I should be blogging. And when I say harebrained, I mean it more literally than creatively. Leland’s blog is called and has blazed this trail a bit for me to give it a try. I told him my misgivings about trying to get me to do anything, as I am the least ambitious person I have ever met. I also told him that I have no earthly idea what I would write. He assured me that I should just be myself and write what was on my mind. Ya know, like it’s easy, just write. I wasted no time feeling sorry for myself and pointing out how easy it was for him, all he had to do was go get 98 brain tumors and voilà, he had a blog. Yeah right, not all of us are that lucky. So, here I am, scratching my way along, hoping to wile away in obscurity, until I actually have something really good to write about, like my friend Leland does.

Speaking of him, go check out his blog. My favorite one is his A-hole evaluation. I’m not saying I relate, but I’m not saying I don’t.

Here is to the next 10 years and raising wonderfully effective, helpful, healthy, faithful young women.

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