Somewhere along the way

Suddenly she realized, somewhere along the way, she had been distracted and had begun to follow footprints that were no longer His, but theirs. They were looking for Him and at some point, they must have been close and in cases, with Him. Their prints were erratic and other times clear and objective. The problem was, she had been walking with Him, keeping in step without effort and guided by His steady voice. So how could she now find herself so far from what seemed inseparable?  Realizing her error, and with an appropriate amount of horror, she slipped off her shoes so she wouldn’t be so easily confused next time. Now her own feet can feel the warmth He leaves in His path and instead of using her eyes, she will use her own feet to find the way He has made. Yes there will be others there, but no longer will she afford herself the luxury of watching them as they go, she will keep her greatest focus on her feet, feeling for the warmth, and her eyes now only taking the rest in, but not being taken in by the rest.  She surrendered her piqued heart toward His words and once again began to feel the steady pace of traveling with Him. He pretended not to notice she had strayed, but she knew He noticed. He cared that she had wandered away, but not more than having her back in the place He had held for her, knowing she would return humbled, obedient, better suited for the miles ahead. She couldn’t help but make childish promises to herself that she wouldn’t let that happen again. She scolded herself for not appreciating how rare her experience was and promised to grow up and treasure the only thing that could ever show her the way. Love the fellow travelers, but don’t lose step with the Guide.

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